Facebook – The King Of Social Networks

Why is Facebook so popular?

Since its Facebook’s birthday we will talk about it in today short post about most successful social networking websites. There are just few great social networks, and they are: como hackear un Facebook facilmente, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. But Facebook is most visited of them all for sure, and nobody can deny it! This social networking website has over 2, 8 billion of users according to latest data. That is one really impressive number since, 1 out of 5 people is using this website for fun and for business. Are you using this interesting and full of fun website? Feel free to share your thoughts about it in a comment section. Today we will talk about big changes of this website and features that Facebook offers to his users. Social websites changes so fast and so often that sometimes we miss some of those small but important changes.

facebook app

That’s why we think it’s very important to mention some of those changes in today’s short post. As you can know Facebook changed his algorithm few times, but we will talk about recent one. This website changed a “ranking algorithm” for News Feed. They changed it many times before this one, but we don’t have time to mention every algorithm change that Facebook made. With latest change, Facebook wanted to push quality content into user’s News Feed. That means if something is being liked and commented very much it will pop up on your News Feed, but negative comments and less likes can hide some post or picture from your which is good and bad at the same time. For example, if someone write boring or I dislike this in comment section of post, it won’t be shown to you. Also now there is possibility to customize News Feed settings, where user can have more control on what he wants to see on News Feed. Let’s talk about older change that Facebook made, due to its importance/ Change on Facebook Page.

Facebook news feed changes

Composer was really great step by Facebook since they lowered number of required steps from 12 to 4. Now it is really easier to post something cool on your Facebook page without complicated settings. It is also easier to manipulate to multiple photos in once since now users can upload few photos in once which wasn’t possible few years ago! We chose these two big changes since they had most effect on this website and they changed the way we are using it.

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Latest Clash of Clans Gameplay! New Strategies Revealed

How to build defenses in Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is a free strategic video game that can be used by Google Android or Apple iOS mobile operating system users, right there, on their own cell phones at any time. You just need to set up an internet connection, and you are in a whole new world. Welcome to the fantastic medieval world. You are a deity, all other participants are there to listen to you and do what you demand from them. There is a space provided just for village that player is going to create according to his needs. You will also need some defense, so better think about that before it’s too late – before you open your own gold mine, before you build pumps for elixirs.

Gathering needed Clash of Clans resources

Now you know two out of the four most important things that are necessary for existence: gold and elixir. The other two things that you are going to need are gems and dark elixir. If you want to build, gold is usually the only thing that can provide you that. Don’t have any gold in at all, but you still want to build? No problem. The only thing you need to do is to trade your gems for gold, and after that you are free to continue where you started. If you need to, you can also trade gems for elixirs and dark elixirs that you need so you could train your army.
You can go from nothing to something in a second – although gems are available in small amounts, players who are really interested in great progress are definitely going to buy themselves some more gems, with real money, over the internet. Trained army is able to fight against other players. Attacking troops takes the spoil (which is represented as gold and elixir) and destroy buildings and infrastructure of the opponents.

clash of clans gameplay

Clash of Clans is an interactive game in which more players can take part at the same time, over the internet. Players can organize a clan in which they can mutually trade soldiers and make bigger progresses than they could do it on their own.
Every one of the many characters has its own function and ability, every solider is predicted for the certain way of fight. If you enter the spell factory wizard is the one who is able to make a spell (e.g. energy spell).
Be smart in this game, use your resources wisely, and plan every step forward. After all, this is a strategic game, which requires patience and persistence.

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Social life before Facebook


Facebook like a social life?

What’s with the social networks that attracts people to them so much? Why is Facebook a social network with over 1.23 billion monthly active users? How did we ever exist without it?

Facebook is probably the most widely used social network. It’s easy to sign up for it. All you have to do is fill a form at its home page with your data such as your first and last names, email address, password, your date of birth and your gender. After the five minutes of typing you are ready to embark on a never-ending journey of contemporary communication. This social network in its essence enables you to connect with your friends and share everything with them. On your profile you can put everything about yourself you would like your friends to know, such as your pictures in forms of albums, your thoughts in forms of statuses, special moments of your life in forms of videos and even milestones of your life journey. And they can like and comment on everything you do on Facebook. Apart from staying in touch with the friends you see every day, this is a great way to learn about long estranged friends that have moved away or that you have lost touch with. You can find out about their lives, look at their holiday pictures, read their thoughts. Users of this social network can also befriend local and global celebrities and follow their pictures and statuses. They can like fan pages of famous people, such as singers, bands, actors and actresses, writers, local community institutions such as schools, colleges and government and non-government organisations, newspapers, TV and radio stations, etc. and thus have a sneak-peak into the lives of celebrities through what they post on their walls, learn about activities of your school or college and stay in touch with the current affairs in your local community and in the world. If this is not enough, Facebook also offers you the possibility of playing games online, alone or with your pirater un compte facebook. There is an endless number of games you can play and their genre varies greatly: you can play board games, card games, mystery games, hidden object games, bubble games, if you can name it I bet you can play it! And it is very easy and everything is at the same website. The profile offers you up to 5,000 friends so choose wisely.

fb social network

So what have we been doing before Facebook?

I bet we had to call our friends via landlines, meet in public, in parks, coffee shops, cinemas and main streets. I suppose we couldn’t be in touch with them 24/7 and we had to play actual board games and hide-and-seek. We had to call institutions and read hard-copy newspapers and magazines to learn about current affairs and celebrities. Life has become so much easier now, don’t you think?

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Getting Unlimited Resources In Clash of Clans In Clan Wars

Expanding Your Village Without Hassle

Are you interested in new exciting mobile game which will make your free time even more better and funnier? You are at the right place, because today we will talk about most played mobile game called Clash of Clans or shorter COC. Clash of Clans is strategy based game made by company named SuperCell in august 2012 year for IOS devices and year later for Android mobile devices. Great thing about this impressive game is that you can play it for free, since this is free to play game. For IOS mobile phones it can be downloaded from App store, and for Android devices it is possible to be downloaded from Google Play Store. Goal of this game is to make village and expand is as much as possible without getting destroyed by other clan.

Clash of clans resources

That’s why you have to make strong army and strong defense to protect your village. To make army and upgrade village you will have to collect three main resources in this game. First is gold and it can be found everywhere if you have building for gold mining. Elixir is next big resource for that you will have to make Elixir Collector which is building for making elixirs. Gems are most rarest resources and can be earned by finishing achievements and objectives, but that amount of gems is not enough to speed up your progress. That’s why there is possibility to buy additional gems from App or Google Play store with real money and speed up process.

Progress faster today!

But if you don’t want to waste your money on this game or you just don’t have enough money to buy Gems from stores, than all you can do is to join a COC clan and get unlimited amounts of gems with their help which is just incredible right? After that all you need to do is to expand your village and army. And as a last step you will need to join clan wars with your friends in order to get more resources.

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