Social life before Facebook


Facebook like a social life?

What’s with the social networks that attracts people to them so much? Why is Facebook a social network with over 1.23 billion monthly active users? How did we ever exist without it?

Facebook is probably the most widely used social network. It’s easy to sign up for it. All you have to do is fill a form at its home page with your data such as your first and last names, email address, password, your date of birth and your gender. After the five minutes of typing you are ready to embark on a never-ending journey of contemporary communication. This social network in its essence enables you to connect with your friends and share everything with them. On your profile you can put everything about yourself you would like your friends to know, such as your pictures in forms of albums, your thoughts in forms of statuses, special moments of your life in forms of videos and even milestones of your life journey. And they can like and comment on everything you do on Facebook. Apart from staying in touch with the friends you see every day, this is a great way to learn about long estranged friends that have moved away or that you have lost touch with. You can find out about their lives, look at their holiday pictures, read their thoughts. Users of this social network can also befriend local and global celebrities and follow their pictures and statuses. They can like fan pages of famous people, such as singers, bands, actors and actresses, writers, local community institutions such as schools, colleges and government and non-government organisations, newspapers, TV and radio stations, etc. and thus have a sneak-peak into the lives of celebrities through what they post on their walls, learn about activities of your school or college and stay in touch with the current affairs in your local community and in the world. If this is not enough, Facebook also offers you the possibility of playing games online, alone or with your pirater un compte facebook. There is an endless number of games you can play and their genre varies greatly: you can play board games, card games, mystery games, hidden object games, bubble games, if you can name it I bet you can play it! And it is very easy and everything is at the same website. The profile offers you up to 5,000 friends so choose wisely.

fb social network

So what have we been doing before Facebook?

I bet we had to call our friends via landlines, meet in public, in parks, coffee shops, cinemas and main streets. I suppose we couldn’t be in touch with them 24/7 and we had to play actual board games and hide-and-seek. We had to call institutions and read hard-copy newspapers and magazines to learn about current affairs and celebrities. Life has become so much easier now, don’t you think?

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Getting Unlimited Resources In Clash of Clans In Clan Wars

Expanding Your Village Without Hassle

Are you interested in new exciting mobile game which will make your free time even more better and funnier? You are at the right place, because today we will talk about most played mobile game called Clash of Clans or shorter COC. Clash of Clans is strategy based game made by company named SuperCell in august 2012 year for IOS devices and year later for Android mobile devices. Great thing about this impressive game is that you can play it for free, since this is free to play game. For IOS mobile phones it can be downloaded from App store, and for Android devices it is possible to be downloaded from Google Play Store. Goal of this game is to make village and expand is as much as possible without getting destroyed by other clan.

Clash of clans resources

That’s why you have to make strong army and strong defense to protect your village. To make army and upgrade village you will have to collect three main resources in this game. First is gold and it can be found everywhere if you have building for gold mining. Elixir is next big resource for that you will have to make Elixir Collector which is building for making elixirs. Gems are most rarest resources and can be earned by finishing achievements and objectives, but that amount of gems is not enough to speed up your progress. That’s why there is possibility to buy additional gems from App or Google Play store with real money and speed up process.

Progress faster today!

But if you don’t want to waste your money on this game or you just don’t have enough money to buy Gems from stores, than all you can do is to join a COC clan and get unlimited amounts of gems with their help which is just incredible right? After that all you need to do is to expand your village and army. And as a last step you will need to join clan wars with your friends in order to get more resources.

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